Any other Freshdesk data export besides .xml? Any other way to migrate?

  • 26 July 2022
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My company is switching to Salesforce and I’m the middle man between Freshdesk and Salesforce. We’re trying to bring everything over but we hit obstacle after obstacle.

  • tickets with correspondences that don’t link to the ticket
  • .xml that doesn’t translate
  • downloading attachments from tickets

Exploring options for a .csv have led nowhere. Online articles that seem helpful are expired or non-functioning, even those created a year ago. What am I missing? How are other people exporting to other platforms? Am I stuck with this chaotic .xml export that doesn’t carry all related data? This has been a never-ending issue that, initially, I thought should be simple with one large export of data.

1 reply

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Hi there ,


If you have lots of help desk and knowledge base data, an automated migration service might be an option for you. When importing data from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk, you can transfer: 


  • users 

  • accounts

  • contacts

  • cases (with attachments, custom fields, inline images, private and public notes)

  • top-level categories 

  • second level categories

  • solutions (with inline images)


If needed, you can migrate inline images as attachments, add a tag to migrated tickets, or skip attachments. Moreover, if your knowledge base is multilingual, you can import content translations too. But, ensure you go through all pre-migration steps, including creating custom fields and adding agent profiles on Freshdesk.


For more details, visit this page. I hope this information can be helpful.