'Contact Support' keeps popping up when trying to buy a mobile number in Australia

  • 18 July 2021
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I’m trying to purchase a mobile number in Australia, but the system keeps asking to me, ‘CONTACT’ SUPPORT’, and just leads me to an email page to email their support team.

This is on FreshCaller Btw. And I’m currently on a paid Freshworks plan. Just wondering if I need to first buy credits first  before before buying a number?



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3 replies

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Helloooo @David T! Thank you for joining the Community, we’re excited to see you! :grin:


From my experience, I do believe we’ll need to first buy credits to then purchase a number. It being a subscription model (i.e., you’re charged for the number), everything from numbers to call rates will be deducted from your credits wallet.

Perhaps you can add just enough to buy a number to make sure you’re happy with how it runs and then move forward.


However, with the message that you see it may also be an indication that something may need to be activated from the database/server. Did you have a chance to speak to support at all?

Hey. thanks for the response.

Yes, I’ve reached out the support centre and they’ve mentioned that they will need some documents to br be verified on my end.

I will post an update here once its resolved, for the benefit of everyone in the community.



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Hello David,

Thanks for elaborating. You would see “contact support” option for type of numbers where documents/address/ID’s are needed due to security regulations in order to comply with local telecom laws. The requirement varies from one country to another, and you can check out the below link which has prerequisites for all the countries where we support number purchase :

Only after the documents submitted are validated by our carrier, Twilio, the number can be purchased successfully.

You can reach out directly to email to get in touch with our Number Management team who will be able to help with number purchasing, porting etc.

Hope this helps and have a lovely day!