Freshcaller transfer calls to offline agents

  • 4 April 2022
  • 2 replies

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Our agents work in shifts. When they are working on tickets, they are offline in Freshcaller and online inFreshdesk. How can calls be transferred to agents who are present but offline in Freshcaller?

Who can help?

2 replies

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Also curious if there is a workaround for this scenario.

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Hey! I’ve tried raising this, a custom status which stops incoming calls but allows a call to be transferred to an agent would be incredibly useful! Was told there was no native functionality around this and it would be a feature suggestion.

This may help, but I have created a Team which has all the agents who may need a call transferred to them that actually has no workflows route to it so in effect they can be available and have no calls come through other than if it is transferred.

This would mean a lot of moving agents around teams especially if they receive inbound calls at times but this is working as a workaround for us, it’s just very manual and time consuming putting people in and out of teams.