Frustrated at having to burn agent on admin account

  • 25 August 2021
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I am a so-called solopreneur. As such, I consider even apparently small costs, since they all add up.


I have just signed up to FreshCaller, with a single agent license. That license is supposed to be for a Virtual Assistant who handles phone-based customer support for me. I have just learned that my single agent license has to be used for my admin account.


That makes no sense to me. I understand that I MAY wish to burn my agent license on my admin account (if I was actually making the calls), so that is a reasonable scenario. But being forced to use that agent account is not just frustrating but also a showstopper to me migrating over to FreshCaller.


That said, I am hoping I have been misinformed and someone can tell me how to use my agent license for...well, an agent (not an admin).

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