How can I transfer call to a que when doesn't have any available agent?

  • 10 June 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi everyone.

For example we have 2 que.

  • Support
  • Billing

Our customer pressed 2 and went to the Billing department. When the Billing agent wants to the transfer this call to Support que, they can’t. Because they allways have to select an agent. If there is no any available agents on the que, they can’t transfer.
We need to transfer to selected que and after that, the que must distribute the calls with in rules.

Is there any way to solve our problem?

1 reply


Hello Fatih Dogan,

In the call Queue settings you can set the option as route it to another queue when no agents are available.




To transfer an ongoing call, you have options to transfer to a live agent, to another IVR and to another Queue. 

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