I am looking to start an answering service and need certain features.

Hello All, 

Nice to find a group to have a conversation with. I am in exploration mode looking for certain features in a cloud platform.

If I am way off base please let me know. Blow are the features I need (big items) and I am sure there are more I am not thinking of.

I am a home inspector and have a “Service “ answering my phones that is specific to my industry and booking my appointments. I want to start my own service doing the same. I think it can be done better. 

I need a platform that can service multiple companies each with their own phone number(s) and custom voicemail greeting. That is the big one. Then:

Inbound and outbound calling / W Caller id Correct

Custom Voice mail messages per Customer

Call Reporting

Call Reporting

Local office feel

Integrated Chat


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