Incoming Calls - skip call queue message

  • 23 September 2021
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We just setup Freshcaller so our Receptionist can answer incoming calls.


It placed it in a default queue that plays a greeting before attempting to ring and connect wiht the agent.


Is there a way to skip the queue and just have it ring the agent directly with no recorded greeting.


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Hey Damiaal,

Could you confirm if you want your caller to hear the "tring tring" sound as soon as they dial your number till they get connected with an agent?

If so, in admin->messages section for that call queue, you can just type two spaces using space bar key and name it as an empty message

Please use this in the call queue -> welcome message and let me know if it helps

Create a call queue

Call queues provide a method of routing callers to people in your site organization who can help with a particular issue or question. Calls are distributed one at a time to the people in the queue (who are known as agents).

Call queues provide:

  • A greeting message.

  • Music while people are waiting on hold in a queue.

  • Call routing - in First In, First Out (FIFO) order - to agents.

  • Handling options for queue overflow and timeout.