Live Dashboard - Suggestions?

  • 24 October 2022
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Hello all,

We are approaching 2 weeks of using Contact Center and for the most part the experience has been positive. There are a number of reports and metrics we are finding much easier to get as well as generally agents finding it easier to use than our previous software.

One thing I find particularly limiting is the Live Dashboard and would love to hear suggestions from anyone else who has experienced the same.

For us a call technically doesn’t count most of it’s metrics until it starts ringing in its queue or when it is in the wait queue.

By design our IVRs are quite long and provide information on how a customer can self-serve, this means we find the live dashboard says we have hundreds of abandoned calls each day when realistically when I use analytics to count only abandoned calls from the ringing or wait queue state it is much closer to what we were used to in our previous software.

I also find it is counting people who have rung before we are open and greeted by our closed IVR meaning we regularly start the day to 10 - 20 abandoned calls and our Service Levels already taking a hammering.

I have requested a bespoke / updated Live Dashboard experience but understand this may take time so if there are any hints or tips anyone has I’d be super grateful to make it look less scary to those looking at the Live Dashboard.


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