Multiple IVRs in one company

  • 11 October 2022
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Hi there,  

Hoping I can make this make sense.  I work for a  organization that is moving over to Fresh Desk Contact Centre which we are very excited about. At the moment we are moving with one IVR with multiple menu options, however I am looking to move one of the options to have its own IVR ( this already has a  separate public number) .  This number will have its own messaging and menu options, however is it still possible to transfer to the second IVR or have calls over flow to it? 

Have included a visual of what I am talking about.  

Any help with this would be great.

Thank you. 

1 reply


Hello Helpline Manager,

Thanks for reaching out FreshworksCommunity.

To have a transfer to the second IVR, we do have an option when we set the IVR.

  1. Send to IVR Menu: Select this option to send your customer to a second IVR tree. You can select from the list of IVRs available in your account or create a new IVR tree. 

You can refer this article for further information.