restricting access to customer notes to certain teams

  • 21 April 2022
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In preparation for starting fresh caller, I wondered if it were possible to restrict access to customer notes to certain teams?  We have a helpline where calls are confidential, however we work closely with our customer service team who take some of our calls if our clinical staff are all in a call, however due to the nature of the calls we would not be able to use the notes function if everyone can view them and not just those in the specific  clinical group.  If we could restrict access to the notes areas for these callers, it would help with repeat callers. 

1 reply

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Hello there!

Thanks for explaining the use case.

We have data scoping option using which you can define the scope of the data the supervisors are able to access -


Besides this, we have an option that can be enabled from our end which will allow each agent to view only calls/call details pertaining to them and not others.


Let me know if any of these will help you