Sending customer an account activation email

  • 20 December 2022
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I seem to remember a button on the contacts page that lets us agents send our customers freshdesk account activation emails. What happened to the button, was it removed ?

Situation : A customer creates an account but never receives the confirmation email, and doesn’t notify un until many months go by and calls us upset that they cannot get support and have no idea that we didn’t reply to him because he never got into the system to create a ticket.

-In this case I had our Admin go in and assign him a disposable password so he could log in and create a ticket, reminding him he should go to his account settings and setup a password he could remember.

2 replies

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Hi @cgcts,


I believe you’re referring to the “Send activation email” button on the contact’s profile page as seen below. This button would be displayed only for unverified contacts and not for contacts who’d already configured a password or whose passwords were updated by an agent(considered as verified).



I see you mentioned that the activation email was not sent to the contact after they created their account. If you would like the activation email to be sent out as soon as the contact is created, you can go to Admin->Email Notifications->Requester Notifications and check if the “User Activation Email” is turned ON since the notification would be sent out automatically only if it is.



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Ahhh, ‘unverified’. So my customer has to reset it himself thru the freshdesk website if he did receive his confirmation email and set a password, or if the customer calls me I can delete him as a contact and he can setup a new account.