Ticket switching from Voicemail to Abandoned after Automation Ran

  • 16 September 2022
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Freshdesk is treating abandoned calls incorrectly and support says it’s functioning as designed, so there is nothing they can do.

If a caller hangs up during the outgoing voicemail message, without leaving a voicemail themselves, the ticket gets created as a voicemail, my automation runs as if it’s a voicemail (high priority), and THEN Freshdesk recognizes that it’s in fact an abandoned call, then changes the subject to Abandoned Call. I’m left with an Abandoned Call with a High priority.

I can’t even make a Time Trigger automation to switch priorities after the fact since Time Triggers does not allow me to search in Subject or Description.

I’ve seen a few others complaining about this over the years. Why isn’t this being fixed?

2 replies

I’m having a similar issue where my automations to close out abandoned call tickets seem to only work during business hours. As soon as my call queue gets shut down I end up getting 10-15 abandoned call tickets assigned to my agents. When I originally had it set up we weren’t allowing voicemails after hours so the automation was set up to have all tickets with phone as the source closed out. We had no problems with it at all until we started allowing voicemails. I tweaked my automation so it wouldn’t close out actual voicemails, but shortly after the abandoned call tickets started appearing. I decided to create a new rule that was focused specifically on Abandoned call tickets and no matter what I try I still end up with them ignoring the automations after hours. Very Frustrating!

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Hi @mfrish and @CPG


Could you drop an email to about this issue? They might have a solution.