Freshdesk and google sheets

  • 16 August 2015
  • 2 replies

 Hi all,

is there a way how to integrate freshdesk with google sheets?

I would like to have kind a form in freshdesk and use the placeholders to fill rows in google sheets.

Where can I find a code example to do that?

In alternative, Freshdesk team, can you develop a Freshplug solution?


2 replies

Is there any success in integrating Freshdesk with Google Sheet? I have used service and utilised their built-in app, that works well. However, I am looking for integrating beyond tickets. 

If someone posts anything in the forum - A feature request, this has to go to product management team. I was thinking of connecting Forum with Google Sheet for the ease of use. 

this would be a great idea! has anyone started?