Freshdesk and WhatsApp

  • 13 April 2016
  • 5 replies

Hi there, my name is Eduardo de Souza, we just released a full Integration for WhatsApp.
We are a focus in Brazil, so our first release is only available in Portuguese.

I would invite those in Brazil looking for this integration to test our platform.
We offer other types of interaction through WhatsApp.

Please, below goes my e-mail for those interested in a trial


5 replies

Hello Guys, I work in a partner company Freshdesk already tested the integration mentioned above by Eduardo, and is working very well, I recommend to everyone.

hi Eduardo, we are interested in testing the integration

Eduardo tenho interesse em experimentar!

meu email


 We are already using Whatsapp-Freshdesk integration from many months now. We get it from the company It is listed on Freshdesk app marketplace . It's adding wonders to our customer support.  They have a free trial too. You may want to try it.