How to integrate Freshsales with Freshdesk?

  • 16 March 2021
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Our company currently uses freshdesk for support and freshsales for sales. I would like to connect the two software together. However before proceeding I would like to confirm two points following the reading of the solution:
1. Since freshsales is already installed and used, do I have to reinstall it and will the existing data be lost?
1. How can I be sure that the contacts and company used will be 100% freshdesk?

Thank you for your help


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3 replies

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Hi @Mike Cote, good day! 

You can seamlessly integrate both accounts and you needn’t create a new Freshsales account for the same. 

If I understand the second part of your query right, you are looking to have the contacts/details synced from Freshdesk to Freshsales and not vice-versa. 

If that’s right, you can use the Freshdesk app for Freshsales with which you can set the contacts to be synced only from Freshdesk to Freshsales. The app supports one-way, two-way and account sync. 

I’d suggest you read through this documentation on how you can enable this app and the nuances involved in the integration and behaviour of the app. 

Besides this. if you would want to see the contacts/leads/deals details from Freshsales in the ticket details page of Freshdesk, you can check this app out. The ‘Freshsales app’ can be integrated with Freshdesk to achieve this and here’s the documentation you’d require to know everything about it. 


Thank ! I will read the documentation and i let you know if i have other question !

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Sure, Mike. You can write to if you have any further queries and we’d be glad to help you set this up. 


Have a good day!