Make long original requests scrollable

  • 12 August 2016
  • 4 replies

The following will add a vertical scrollbar to the original request ( = the first message that the customer sent ) if it is very long.

div#original_request.conversation_thread div.conversation div.commentbox.private-note {
max-height: 60vh;
overflow-y: auto;

 Note: 1vh = 1% of the height of the viewport ( the browser window size
). Thus, a good max-height is usually 50 to 70vh but depends on the size
of the monitors of your crew and preference.

4 replies

And an image to illustrate:


Where do I insert this?

In an app ( Admin > Apps > Custom Apps > New Custom app ). Enter the above code in the Script field, select Custom app displayed on:

Ticket detail page, provide a Name and Description and click Create and Enable. You may have to empty the cache of your browser to see the result.


Thank you!