MS Teams intergration

  • 15 December 2016
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Just wondering if you are planning on implementing Microsoft Teams (Similar to Slack) into your supported apps?

I would be very interested in it!


30 replies

Yes, we would like to see that as well, we started using Teams company wide, and some folks here have started to mention that Zendesk has it... 

Our company will be migrating from Slack to microsoft teams when the MT general release occurs. We would like to see a similar integration for MT as we currently have for Slack.

100% would like to see this as well. We have switched to MS Teams and their integrations are fantastic, they basically allow you to insert an entire "web app" in a new tab. We've already got Wrike setup and if FreshDesk was available then we could have everything we need in a single browser window!

Everyone should vote for this :)

Totally agree. We're encouraging use of MT and our users see that ZenDesk is available, but no FreshDesk. Would like to see this a.s.a.p.

agreed. we are moving from slack to teams...this would be good to have.

Yes, sounds great. Please do.



Freshdesk Team - do we have any update on this? when do you think this could go into development? Your competitors already has it (Zendesk etc).



We could not wait for this any longer.  I ended up creating a webhook connector into Teams and then using the Trigger Webhook in Freshdesk to push data in.  It's not as simple as having an official add-in from FD,  but it works.  See these references if you want to try it.

Be sure to review the JSON and look for errors here before you put in FD as there is no error reporting that I can see other than an email much later saying things didn't work:

Note, the action buttons don't seem to show up for me in Teams (work
fine in OWA; so guessing it is a bug in Teams).  I saw this same problem
also with Zapier integration via their webhooks to Teams.

IMHO FD should be able to easily recreate this since the JSON is relatively straightforward and well documented.  Let's hope someone from FD sees this.


I would love to see this as well.  Considering Freshdesk, Wrike and Zendesk and having this functionality, or knowing it's coming in the near future, would go a long way in helping me make a decision.

One other thing I found is that Azure Logic App has support for Teams and Freshdesk.  So you can use that instead of Zapier to integrate the two (it's essentially Microsoft's version of Zapier but on a pay per transaction model). 

If that path is of interest, please also vote for these enhancements to the Teams Logic App:


I also hope there will be a support for MS Teams soon!

Has there been any update from Freshworks on when this will be released? 


We here at API Maintenance Systems also use Microsoft Teams now and it's growing through the entire company world wide.

We would therefore also appreciate a Freshdesk Tap / Connector in Microsoft Teams so we can transfer tickets to Teams and Channels.

Please put this into your pipeline of development for the nearest updates to Freshdesk.

Thank you!!


We hear you and I'm happy to let you know that the app development is complete. It is currently under QA and you can expect more updates on this in the coming weeks. Here's what you can expect from the app : 

With the help of the Freshdesk bot, you can stay on top of your tickets on Freshdesk while you are on Teams through notifications.These notifications will be sent you as one-on-one conversation by the Freshdesk bot. There are several ticket events for which the notifications would be triggered and we'll share an update on this soon.


Looking forward for this!

+Cheer for the status update.


Sorry to let you know that the app is not yet live on production ! We are working closely with Microsoft to clear all the last minute hurdles - I'll update this post as soon as the app is live.


Happy to let you all know that the Microsoft Teams integration is live and available on our marketplace. You can install the app from here.

For more details on the app, please read :


I am still unable to see it within the Teams Store, can anyone else confirm that they have installed?

I don't see it in the apps in Teams yet either :(

Sorry Folks. Couldn't hold the excitement - the app is listed on our marketplace but we're still waiting for Microsoft to list our bot on the Teams' marketplace. Will drop a note here once the app is fully live- no pre-release excitements this time!


I've installed this and just have a quick question.  Besides "help" are there any other interactive commands with the bot that are initiated by the user or should we expect communications to always first be initiated by the bot based on a ticket event?  Also, what is the purpose of adding the bot to a channel since these bot interactions/purpose seem to be specific to/focused on your own tickets only? 



Please check if you're able to install the Freshdesk bot from the MS teams marketplace.If there are any issues/questions related to it,please drop a note here.You can read more about the integration here.

@Sekou: The integration was designed to give the complete view of any ticket assigned to the agent inside Microsoft Teams.The bot will send ticket updates to specific agent(s) once they authorise their profile inside Freshdesk

The conversation will always be initiated by the bot and it will send messages whenever there are some specific ticket related updates.You can view the update and choose to either respond or add a private note quickly, right within the Teams interface.


@Aravind Thanks for confirmation. I am not sure if you plan any more enhancements but you may want to consider disabling using it on a channel if it’s really only for direct 1 on 1 use.

Also if you are looking for suggestions you may want to enable some interaction initiated by the user that it can respond to like “list my tickets” or “reply to ticket ####” or “close ticket #####”. Etc.

Either way I am glad to see that your team has invested in this integration. Thank you.