Set custom ticket property

  • 30 November 2017
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I have just read the documentation about building custom apps for Freshdesk. In the v2 docs I found the following code to set a custom property.

client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "customfield name", value: 3})

Is there also something available, like above, for v1? 

I want to achieve that a dynamic URL will be inserted in the reply message when a staff member hits a button in the backend

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2 replies

Hi Michel,

We we do not have the options to set the custom property in V1, but we do have the option to open the reply window with the URL/Messages inserted in it when a button is clicked

Please go through our v1 events and dom helper API's of V1 :

 - domHelper.ticket.openReply("Text to be added in the reply textbox after opening");

Kindly let us know if this solves your need.

Best Regards

Jayaram V

Freshworks Marketplace

Hi Jayaram,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I already found the "openReply" method. That will also do the job!

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