Vibe App Fresh Plug

  • 9 January 2015
  • 5 replies

Brings complete information about the customers right inside the tickets, letting your agents get deeper insights about the customer whom they interact with. Vibes widget pulls up Name, gender, designation, company, work history, social media profile links, topics of interest etc right in the ticket view.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the zip file.

  2. Unzip and open the .txt file

  3. Signup for Vibe at and replace the "api_key" in the plug code (in the .txt file) with the Vibe key that you receive on signup.

  4. Copy the code from the file

  5. Go to Admin->Integration->Freshplugs in you dashboard and click the new Freshplug button

  6. Give a Name and Description to this plug for future reference

  7. Select the text box “Show this widget in ticket view page”

  8. Copy the code from the .txt file here and click the button "create and enable"

5 replies

Too bad it stopped working after about 2 weeks. Even tough I have an unlimited for life account at Vibe.
Sending emails about this has no effect. They never reply.

Not even when I reply on their welcome email.

So I'm going to disable this again.

The idea is great. Lot's of other ticketsystems have things like this.
PS: Maybe a great idea to look into ticketsystem. They have things like this too. 
Userinformation (Alexa ranking, number of tickets, twitter, facebook and more on the ticketview) is very handy.

Hi Dennis,
          I am Bala from Freshdesk and I wrote this plugin and found it to be working right. I checked the recent history of your tickets and couldn't retrieve any ticket details regarding Vibe from your email id. If you can give me the ticket link or your email/phone I would be very happy to help you out.


I did not raise a ticket. 
I did email to Vibe.
I received several emails from Vibe. One welcoming me and another one was telling me a was a unlimited for life member.

I replied to both of the emails letting you know the Vibe plugin did not work anymore.

Never heard anything since now.


I installed this Vibe Plugin but i am not getting the Details of the Contact in the Tickets.




I installed this Vibe Plugin but i am not getting the Details of the Contact in the Tickets (2).

See the image bellow: