Zoom.us integration

  • 26 January 2017
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I tried to develop a zoom.us integration (same as you have for TeamViewer/Hangout/etc..) but with no luck.

Could you please help me with developing the integration?

I would like to:
- have a button on the ticket details page
- clicking the button will create a new meeting on zoom.us
- meeting URL will be added on the replay (on edit not, without submitting the reply)
- zoom.us will launch on the agent side

I really think you need to have this integration in general since zoom.us is very popular remote meetings and support application, but if you are not planning to add it, will appreciate your assistance with developing it as a custom app.

Off course - i will publish it once it will be done :)

Thanks in advance!
Yoav Melamed

6 replies

I see this is a 4 year old post - were you able to get help with this?

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Hello @achak,


Zoom integration is now supported by Freshdesk, kindly check out the link to get detailed insights on the same: https://www.freshworks.com/apps/freshdesk/zoom_v2 and feel free to reach back to us for any further queries.



Freshdesk Community Team

Thanks for your review i also have this problem and this help me solve my problem.

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Great to hear @mariaguadalupe! :)

Feel free to write to support@freshdesk.com for any further queries in the futureand we would be happy to help! 



Freshdesk Community Team 

Thanks for your review

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Cheers, @OliviaParcker! :)