Freshworks boosts Hyperzod's sales team's productivity

  • 24 November 2022
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Freshworks contributes significantly to Hyperzod's growth. It has improved the efficiency and productivity of our sales team.

With Freshsales, the team could easily run an email campaign and follow up with leads received via CRM tracking code from the website.

Freshdesk allows us to provide better support to our clients, which keeps them loyal to Hyperzod.

We use Freshchat on the Hyperzod website to resolve users' queries and connect them with our staff.

By bringing automation wherever possible, Freshworks' products save a lot of precious time and resources.

About Hyperzod:

Hyperzod is a SaaS platform that empowers businesses across multiple countries to manage their ordering and delivery processes. It is focused on running business hyperlocally and making instant deliveries a reality.

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