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UPDATE: We are no longer taking new requests for this feature. We will update this thread once the feature is live. Please follow this post for further updates.

What can I do with the activity API?

We're launching the activity API and the customer avatar which will allow your team to get a 360 degree view of your customers. This API allows your business to record customer activities from an external application or system in Freshdesk's contact timeline. Pushing information from your applications about a user can provide rich contextual information to your support agents using Freshdesk. Activities published using this API would show up on the contact timeline giving your agents a complete view of the customer’s journey. We are also showcasing a snapshot of the customer via a new avatar which will allow your team to gather key information about a customer at a glance.

During the early access stage, with this feature you'll be able to:

- Use the API to push activities for each contact into the contact’s timeline
- View the activity in the timeline of a contact
- View a snippet of the customer’s mood, preferred channel of communication via the displayed avatar

Documentation for the API is available here -

Is this relevant to your Freshdesk?

The early access program for Activity API and the avatar is available for existing customers in the Estate plan and above.

This is relevant to you if you have integrations set up with other systems and want to push that information into Freshdesk which will bring more context to your agents. 

Here is how you can help by participating in this EAP:

We want you to help us by using the Activity API in its early stages in your Freshdesk, to give us feedback. This helps us understand how well we're tackling the problem we intend to solve with it.

As and when you use the feature, we'll make enhancements to it based on feedback from all our EAP participants. In the process we'll get in touch with you over email and schedule meetings with you to pick your brains to help us build the right things and deliver wow moments, with continuous feedback.

You can signup for the early access program here.

What does early access mean?

The feature is in its early stages and is yet to be built out to solve all of your workflows. It means that we're excited about this, and we want you to get involved and give us as much feedback as possible to set the right direction for the feature. You can work with us in and be part of shaping the feature right.

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I think is good idea

 How is this different from what's already possible?

When the API would be available? Could you, please, clarify this point? 

Very nice! Signed up :)

That’s a brave step for a good future. I appreciate this further for a decent website will be a helpful step indeed.