Agent shifts

  • 20 April 2020
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UPDATE: The open slots for Agent shifts EAP have filled up. We'll update this thread once the feature is live in the next quarter. Be sure to Follow this post :) 

What can I do with agent shifts?

We're launching agent shifts to help manage your team's schedules right within Freshdesk. This is our first step towards helping you move away from your Excel sheets to figure out the different shifts and timezones in which your teams work. 

During the early access stage, with agent shifts you'll be able to:


  • Configure your team's schedules and ensure that their availability for automatic ticket assignment is switched on at the start of the shift and is switched off at the end of the shift.

  • Allow your agents to mark their out of office schedules.

  • Setup automations to ensure that responses from your customers are never missed when agents are either unavailable or out of office.

Is this relevant to my Freshdesk?

The early access program for Agent shifts is available for existing customers in the Forest plan of Freshdesk using the automatic ticket assignment feature.

You can signup for the early access program here.

Once you've signed up, we'll get in touch with you over email and add your account to the EAP list. We'll work with you to collect your feedback on how well the feature works for you, and to fix any bugs that you might notice, before a wider rollout of the feature. 

How do I send my feedback across?

Any feedback, bugs, and questions related to this feature can be added right here as comments on the forum. You can also write to us at the early access email thread that we'll initiate with you once you've signed up.

We'll try and get back to you with a response as soon as we can. However, with the feature being in early access, the response/fix times on these issues might not be as quick as our usual support process.

8 replies

Looking forward to it!

Will this new feature be available to the Estate plan of Freshdesk when it gets rolled out?  

Will this new feature be available to the Estate plan of Freshdesk?

@DeanWe're looking to roll this out in the Forest plan in general availability.

does this feature now make the Out Of Office App redundant?

Is this available?

When this will be available? 

Hi, do you have an ATF on when this will be rolled out to everyone?