Freshdesk Mobile Marketplace integration

The Freshdesk mobile app team is bringing marketplace integrations to our mobile app. Once this feature launches, customers would be able to access the integrations activated on their web accounts through the mobile app. As phase 1, we are bringing Jira plus and Hubspot integrations to our users through the early access program. 

Here's what you need to do to take part in the program:

  • Download the Freshdesk mobile app or update the app to get the latest version. Encourage your colleagues as well to give the app a try.
  • Access information from Jira plus and Hubspot integrations using the Freshdesk mobile app for the tickets you’re working on.

  • Send us your suggestions and get instant updates on the development status of feature requests.

Signing up for this program will not affect other functionalities on the mobile app. This will be an additional component enabled only for your account.

Here is how you can help by participating in this EAP:

We want you to help us by using the Jira plus and/or Hubspot integrations in its early stages in your Freshdesk mobile app, to give us feedback. This helps us understand how well we're tackling the problem we intend to solve with it.

As and when you use the feature, we'll make enhancements to it based on feedback from all our EAP participants. In the process we'll get in touch with you over email and schedule meetings with you to pick your brains to help us build the right things and deliver wow moments, with continuous feedback.

You can signup for the early access program here

What does early access mean?

The feature is in its early stages and is yet to be built out to solve all of your workflows. It means that we're excited about this, and we want you to get involved and give us as much feedback as possible to set the right direction for the feature. You can work with us in and be part of shaping the feature right.

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We are happy to explore the possibilities of this app being picked up. Kindly note that new enhancements are taken up based on the feasibility and implemented based on the number of asks.

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hello,i am also using freshdesk platform the feature which you have introduced are amazing.and recently i just used Jira plus  its really good but you have to increase your load time of your freshdesk app.

Hey @hkhhlh70,

Glad to hear that you find the enhancements amazing. Please feel free to provide more feedback and do elaborate on the load time issue so that we can have the same looked into. Are you referring to the initial load time of the application?

Looking forward to hearing from you.