Introducing Custom Objects in Freshdesk!

  • 26 August 2020
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In your day-to-day workflow, you interact with Native Objects in Freshdesk such as Tickets, Contacts, or Companies to store and maintain your customer data.  Since Freshdesk is the system of record for customer service and support in many large organizations with diverse needs and highly customized workflows, there may be times when you need Custom Objects to capture and store business data that does not exist in Freshdesk by default.

What is a Custom Object?

Custom Objects in Freshdesk allow you to extend the data model of your Freshdesk account.

Let’s consider an example of a Custom Object in the property management space.

A property management company that leases homes and apartments needs to support both tenants and landlords. Having the latest rental contract information is highly relevant to agents providing support. With Custom Objects, businesses can now create a new data entity in Freshdesk called ‘Contract’ and define attributes for the object like Contract ID, Renewal date, Property Type, and Name of Signee. Every tenant can be ‘associated’ to a Contract so that when they raise a support ticket requesting the renewal date, the contract information is stored in Freshdesk as the system of record, and it would be available for agents to access and/or update.

What does “Early Access” mean?

Freshworks’ Early Access Program is our beta for new products.  We are in the early stages of product development on a variety of solutions, and early feedback from customers gives us critical input. We want to give you the opportunity for an early look at products in development and we would love to get as much feedback as possible. Help us shape the future of Freshdesk!

Participate in the Early Access Program (EAP):

You can signup for the early access program here. Once enrolled, someone from our product team will reach out with the next steps.  


1 reply

Hi! is anyone else using this yet?