Introducing EAP for Quality Coach!

  • 13 April 2021
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What is this feature?
Quality Coach is a customer service quality assurance feature on Freshdesk that provides a seamless and integrated experience to review and improve the quality of agent interactions and identify skill gaps⁠—all in a unified interface that helps reduce the evaluation effort of coaches, improve agent performance, and customer experience.

Why is this feature being built?
To provide a seamless unified interface for quality management.

How is this feature beneficial?

  • Improve the quality of agents by sharing specific feedbacks
  • Identify skill gaps by comparing and reviewing responses
  • Upskill agents by coaching them regularly 
  • Improve customer experience by standardizing the quality of responses
  • Onboard agents faster
  • Reduce manpower and manual work 
  • Avoid depending on external tools and switching between various tabs

How can you set this up in Freshdesk?
Create Scorecards:

Create and manage scorecards used by Coaches for reviewing agent conversations

Review groups:
Map coaches and agents together in a group and configure how conversations are reviewed

Quality reports:
View quality reports for your agents and see how well they are doing

What does “Early Access” mean?
Freshworks’ Early Access Program is our beta for new products.  We are in the early stages of product development on a variety of solutions, and early feedback from customers gives us critical input. We want to give you the opportunity for an early look at products in development and we would love to get as much feedback as possible. Help us shape the future of Freshdesk!

Note: Available on Forest Only ( Freshdesk standalone + Omnichannel )

Click here to sign up for the EAP program and be the first ones to test out the feature!


1 reply

Thank you all for your interest in QMS EAP. The form is now closed and we are not taking in any more registrations.