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  • 1 April 2019
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Hello, we would like to use Freshdesk to collect customer and reseller contact information. We have currently 2 separate forms on the website:



Can you please suggest how to achieve this and what plan is required to do so?

Can we have 3 different types of forms:

1) standard "supporting" form for registered resellers only (login required)

2) form for potential customers (above) - embedded on the public website

3) form for potential resellers (above) -  embedded on the public website

Thank you

Michal Cesek

3 replies

@cesek  You can create dynamic forms by adding dynamic sections(feature available on plans Estate and above) under any default or custom dropdown fields that you create. Please refer to this article on how you can create dynamic forms for your customers at your portal.

Also, checking on your current forms for resellers and customers I could see ‘Current NAV partner’ being the only differentiator, which can set up with ease with the features we have. Please go ahead and signup for a 21 day trial with Freshdesk to test it out for yourself. Sign Up

Freshdesk Community Team

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Great info!!






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Just register again. :)