Extra line breaks in emails

  • 2 September 2019
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Automated emails, and ones sent from Scenario automation, have additional line breaks in them, i.e. a carriage return results in a double space between the line and the line below, which makes emails look messy. Even no space between lines results in a single space.

I've attached screenshots of the email in the scenario editor and the received email in Outlook.



1 reply


Hi @piers ,

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Unfortunately, the issue you are facing is only sporadically reproducible. Our devs are however working on fixing this.. 

But please note that the formatting would be fine if we introduce line breaks using Shift+Enter. Please see the screenshots below, where I have removed all the line breaks and added them again using ‘shift+enter’ instead of ‘enter’ to resolve this.


Hope this helps as a workaround! Should you have any further concerns on this, please feel free to write to us at support@freshdesk.com.