New Freshdesk Analytics Export to PDF function is Useless for 'Time Sheet Summary Report'

  • 5 May 2020
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Hi All,

Although there is a lot to like about the new Analytics Reporting engine in Freshdesk, the 'Export this Report' within the 'Time Sheet Summary' report is absolutely useless and incomplete.

We as a company generate PDF reports each month for each client detailing the work undertaken. Under the old reporting engine this was simple. You select the 'Time Period' and the 'Customer' and the report was generated on the screen and all you had to do was select 'email PDF' and it arrived in your inbox exactly as shown on screen with all relevant ticket data.

The new 'Analytics' reporting engine does allow you to Export a PDF Report, however, for the 'Time Sheet Summary Report' it only exports part of the data. It does not export (in PDF format) all the tickets behind the report, instead it only exports summary data. Please try it for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Why oh why would Freshdesk have a function to export a report with incomplete data? I cannot for the life of me see the purpose of such an incomplete report.

I would welcome your thoughts on this and how we can get this corrected.

1 reply

I have to agree - this is pretty broken in its current form.