Ridiculous renewal policy

  • 25 February 2021
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Hello everybody,


I would like to share my experience with freshdesk. I have been using it for several years, and I have to say that happy with the service provided, no complaints about it.

In my company we have moved development and support to Jira because of R&D requirements, and just by a few days we missed the automatic renewal of our freshdesk license for 1 full year. I contacted support to explain the situation, that we are actually not using freshdesk anymore and requested a cancellation and refund. The answer? our policy doesn’t accept refunds… after 10 emails back and forth that’s the only reply I get and they even closed the ticket!! I understand policies, in my company we also have policies like in any other company, but there are always exceptions especially if we want to keep a good customer service relation. In this case we are not abusing any usage of the platform, we just do not use it at all…  forcing clients to pay full year for nothing it’s a shame! we are not talking about a few cents… it’s a few thousands of euros we’re talking about here. Does anyone understand that way of treating customers??

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4 replies

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Hello @crisalix


We understand your concerns here and I am sorry for the experience you’ve had. This certainly is not how we care for your customers and to us, our customers always come first. 


That said, I have raised your concerns to our billing team to see what can be done in this case. We shall investigate this further and get back to you with updates soon. 


Thank you, 


Freshdesk Community Team. 

after 13 days, and a reminder that I sent… no news. So, sadly… yes, this is the way you care for your customers, we don’t certainly come first. 

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Hi @crisalix


It's extremely unfortunate that you'd have to go through this. We were internally discussing on how to take this further to help you with your refund and we completely understand the validity of your request.

Like we always say, our customers are our first priority and we put them first at any cost. In your case, there was a delay from our end as it was about the renewal policy and we had to investigate all aspects of the issue. 

That said, we are currently working on issuing your refund based on the circumstances and you can expect to hear the good news from your manager soon via email which will also include the details of the refund and exceptions made.

We are doing everything possible from our end to set things right. We hope you understand.


Have a good day!

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Hello @crisalix, I hope you are doing well today. We heard back from our team that the refund had been initiated from our end :) Thanks for acknowledging over mail and you can always write back to us if you need further assistance. 


Thank you.