• 21 November 2018
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Need to integrate an external application with Freshping? Have an idea to improve existing integrations? Share them here.

5 replies

This is an amazing tool! I love the Freshdesk integration! Just a little thought, you guys can include pre made Zap templates in the Zapier integration.

Hi everyone

I wrote 2 scripts with using Freshping webhook.

this script use webhook to send SMS when website is down


this script use webhook to send notification through Telegram App when website is down


You can use this API to easly send Telegram Text Messages and make Telegram Phone calls (with voice) when Freshping detects a site down/up

You only need to add one URL in the Webhook integration. Super easy and working like a charm.

I love Freshping!! It is awesome!

Thank you Borja for the tip!

I'm currently trying the CallMeBot integration and it is awesome to receive Telegram Phone Calls directly on my mobile. With a voice telling you that your server is down! Wow!

I was waiting for something like this since looong time :)

Thank you Freshping for offering this integration! I love it! Im moving to Freshping right now.


I have tried CallMeBot and it works.

But I wanted something that can notify the whole group as soon as the server is down without the email intermediary. I wrote an endpoint to directly use with Freshping. Do star my repository if you find it useful :)

  1. Add @esm_wonderful_bot to the telegram group
  2. Get group chat ID by adding @getidsbot
  3. Go to Freshping > Setting > Integrations > Webhook
  4. Paste{chat_id} (Example: If group chat ID is -100123456, paste