Editing and restarting a stopped journey

  • 18 June 2022
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I created a marketing journey and ran it for awhile to test it. After some time, I stopped the journey.

I’ve now returned to the journey to make a change, but I do not see any edit button. 

I also do not see a start journey button.

The only option available is to clone the marketing journey.

Is a stopped journey no longer available to rerun or change and then start?


2 replies

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Hey Peter, 

Greetings from the Freshworks Community!

Currently, there is no option to restart a journey that was stopped, however, you can edit a journey in the journey builder. 

PFA screenshot for your reference, 

I hope this clarifies. 

Do let me know in case of further queries, I’ll be happy to help out. 

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@Aishwarya Parthasarathi , if you have a feature request register, please add this. it would be excellent to restart a stopped journey.