QOTW: What are some SMS outreach practices to keep in mind?

  • 3 August 2022
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Hello community 🎈

In today’s Question of the Week ❓, let’s talk SMS! 

About 58% of consumers agree texting is the fastest way to reach them. Sales SMS at the center of a mobile-driven outreach strategy is less intrusive as compared to phone calls. Similarly, it’s a step ahead of email marketing. SMS is a quick and convenient way to reach prospects that doesn’t require internet connectivity. In fact, consumers across different segments are open to receiving personalized SMSes. 

💬 So, what are some SMS outreach practices to keep in mind? 

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If you’re wondering whether using SMS for sales outreach is worth the investment, the answer is ‘absolutely’. 

Here are six tips to keep in mind while implementing SMS in your sales outreach strategy:

1. Always be direct and concise: Short, to the point SMSes are best for holding your audience’s attention. When it comes to the message’s copy, it’s prudent to use easy and familiar words.

2. Be mindful of the texting frequency: It’s best to stick with 2-4 text messages a month. This helps make sure you don’t annoy your audience with too many texts, which is among the leading reasons why people unsubscribe.

3. Integrate SMS into your sales sequences to offer a rich experience: This ensures all your text messages are highly-relevant and properly timed. Make sure you integrate the SMS app into your CRM software.

4. Always include a relevant CTA: This encourages readers to take action. For your CTA copy too, use common language packed with power words. For sharing a URL as your call-to-action, use a link shortener to save character limit.

5. Ask for phone numbers in web forms: This is a surefire way to get messaging permission from prospects. Include a phone number as a requirement in your web forms and give folks an opt in option for receiving SMS from you.

6. Don’t use your personal number for texting leads: Instead, use your official sales phone number to contact prospects. Also, use region-specific numbers and alpha-numeric IDs so prospects can recognize you."

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A best practice for customers is to use SMS for real-time updates. It’s a great way to connect and provide relevant, timely information when a customer might need it.