Under what circumstances that we need to use Account (tag a Contact to an Account)

  • 18 August 2021
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Hi all,


We are exploring on FreshWorks CRM. I noticed there is Contacts and Accounts in FreshWorks. And we noticed we can just use Contacts, without needing to tagged to any Account.

After created a Contact, I can add a Deal to this Contact, and subsequently moving the Deals all the way to Won status (Deal closed).


P/S: Our business is B2C (Business to Consumer), our customers are individual consumers, so we interact directly with consumers instead of Companies.


So I would like to understand, in such case, under what circumstances that we need to use an Account? (ie: To tagged a Contact to an Account). Any implications if we don’t create any Accounts at all?

For eg, will it affect the default Analytics reports, etc


Thank you.






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Greetings from the Freshworks Community. 

The Accounts module is exclusively to add the “Company” related information of the clients. If in case, you would be requiring to add the company information of a particular contact as well separately or interacting with multiple users from the same company, then accounts module can be used. 

For example, there’s an account “ABC” and you would be communicating with more than one user from the company, then they can be added as contacts and linked to the account. 

However, it is not mandatory to add in the account information in the account module. You can always leave the section empty and it wouldn’t affect the reports as well. 

I hope this is helpful. Please do write to in case of any further queries.