Best practices for a successful CSV import

  • 2 September 2020
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  1. Check for the format(CSV) of the file. The best practice is to download as a CSV file from Google sheets.

  2. Ensure all the mandatory fields are added in the CSV file and have the relevant information. 

  3. Map all the mandatory fields for the “Import” option to enable.

  4. While associating Account to the contacts in the contact CSV import, make sure all the mandatory Account fields are also populated in the CSV file.

  5. The “Number of employees” field should be in an integer value instead of the range as we have in the UI.

  6. The owner column in the CSV import should have the owner’s Email address instead of their name.

  7. In case of any error or failure of record creation, try to reproduce the same in your test account.

  8. Field format to be ensured while performing a CSV import.

                       Multi-select field: MS1; MS2; MS3

                       Checkbox field: TRUE/FALSE

                       Multiple tags: Tag1; Tag2; Tag3

  1. Contact cannot be associated with the Accounts while Account CSV import, whereas we do have an option to associate Accounts with the contacts in contact CSV import.

  2. We do not have an option to associate multiple accounts to contact in the contact CSV import.

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Thank you @sriram.palaniappan, Your post is really helpful and I have learned so much from it.