My emails are been sent twice in the sales sequence, this is not what I expected in Freshsales. What's going wrong?

  • 2 September 2020
  • 3 replies

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This may be due to an external SMTP restriction in gmail or outlook, that is hindering emails being sent through Freshsales. Although there are two entries being displayed in gmail or outlook, the email would have been sent only once.

3 replies

@sriram.palaniappan is this still an issue that is due to an SMTP error? No matter how I send an email in Freshsales, it will appear in Gmail like two were sent? Can you confirm that is just a display issue?


@sriram.palaniappan please can you answer @natecollabra’s question as we are waiting for an answer. I get this issue even for emails that aren’t sent via the Freshworks CRM SMTP. We also need a fix for this issue please.