25 Sales Prospecting Tools for Hitting Sales Targets

  • 24 February 2021
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25 Sales Prospecting Tools for Hitting Sales Targets
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One of the most common complaints from sales teams is about the volume of administrative tasks they have to deal with everyday. In fact, salespeople spend only a third of their day selling. They spend most of the day on documenting notes, researching prospects, entering data into the CRM (or worse, spreadsheets), and email outreach. One of the best sales hacks to avoid mundane tasks and boost productivity is to deploy sales prospecting tools. 

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Tools for each stage of sales prospecting 

Building your database 

One of the first steps in sales prospecting is to build a strong database with accurate information about prospects. The following sales prospecting tools help you collect data about prospects.

1. DiscoverOrg – For sales teams looking for a GDPR compliant-contact finder, DiscoverOrg fits the bill. This sales prospecting tool helps your team populate the prospect database with targeted B2B sales lead lists.

2. Zoominfo – This sales prospecting tool helps estimate the size of the target market, keep track of a company’s possible investments, and provide the contact information of prospects. Zoominfo provides your salespeople a chance to write to the right people at the right time and hit revenue goals. 

3. – This tool can help your salespeople find the email address of any prospect in a particular company. also pulls out social profile information to give you more context about the prospects.

4. Voila norbert – This sales prospecting tool, too, pulls out the email addresses of prospects based on the company they are working in. Voila helps your salespeople save the contact information of prospects in a bulk list that can be exported. 

5. Lusha – A contact number finder like Lusha can be used by sales teams for getting personal contact details—email addresses and phone numbers—of prospects from their social media profiles. It also has a Chrome plug-in, so when a salesperson visits a prospect’s profile on Linkedin, the tool will try to find their phone number and email address.

6. i4b – This B2B sales prospecting tool can help your sales team put together contact names, job titles, email addresses and phone numbers of prospects. The tool is GDPR-compliant, so it makes the lives of your salespeople who are targeting the EU region easier. 


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