Feature Request: Improve Outlook add-on

  • 22 March 2021
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The add-on is very limited.  This is unfortunate.  Its hard to see it as useful as it is today.  It would be very nice to see a revision that addresses the following:

  1. There is no way to add emails to emails from CRM Contact
  2. If case is not same on email they will not match.  Chris@somecompany.com as email recipient does not match chris@somecompany.com in CRM
  3. When authoring email, you have to enter all recipients before launching the CRM Add-on
  4. When you click “+” to add a contact from an email, Add-on should show you the information it is about to add
  5. Should allow you to edit common fields before submitting such as name, company and phone 
  6. Ideally the plugin should look for signature file and try to get all possible info like company and phone number (I know this last one is rather complex and may not be viable.


0 replies

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