Feature Suggestion: Improve ambiguous toggle buttons

  • 13 March 2021
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This is about FreshCRM UX feedback. Please pass onto your UX team.

In FreshCRM UX, Without context it can be hard to tell if a toggle button is ON or OFF.  I suggest 

here is an example:

ON or OFF?  Unless you remember the color and shade each application uses its hard to say w/o context.  MUCH too much cognitive friction going on here.

I like the way Freshdesk does this.  MUCH more obvious. See below: 

(FreshDesk example of toggle button)

And here is off state:

Beautifully obvious! 

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1 reply


Hi Steve,

Thank you for this feedback. We appreciate you taking time to share this with us. We will share this feedback back to our Product Management team. Looking forward to hearing more such valuable suggestions from you :)