Ability to hide 'child request' forms from the main catalog

  • 24 October 2018
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Not sure whether this should go into Report Problem or Feature Request, it's a bit of both.

When we first started using Freshservice, we created a form in the Service Catalog, and on that form we had 3 additional items so 3 child tickets would be created. These forms were only to be used as part of the main form and nowhere else, so we looked for a method of hiding the forms from the catalog. Through trial and error, we discovered that if, on the forms that were to be hidden, we set the visible access to a group level that had no contacts or any conditions at all, then this removed the form from the user view, but it could still be seen within the main forms additional items and submitted as usual.

I believe now this was more of an exploit than a proper feature, though it could be that this was an unintentional benefit of the system that has since been removed.

So this is either a report of a problem with the Service Catalog forms, or a request to reinstate the 'feature' that allowed the forms to be hidden while still having them be displayed as additional items.

10 replies

Hi Tom,

Hope you had a great weekend!

This is possible by using the following method.

1) Move all the items to one Category and hide the category from the end user page
2) Default the Service Catalog to a specific Service Catalog Category

If you think that you want to give a try, we can show a POC in your Sandbox Portal.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.



Technical Account Manager | Freshservice

Hi Jayesh,

I would like to try this. All the items to be hidden are in a single category, both in our live and sandbox systems. Again, it is important that the items are hidden from the main view, but still show in an additional item list for another form. We were unaware that the Service Catalog could default to a category, so that is another thing we would like to see. Could you contact me direct, and copy in our usual TAM, Raj (rajagopal@freshworks.com)?


Hi Tom,

Good to hear back from you.
Sure, I will connect with Raj and ask him to get in touch with you and take this further.



I am trying to do this as well but do not see how to hide a category. Can you help me out here?
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Hi Patrick,

We can help you hide a service category in your end-user portal through Portal Customization. Let me reach out to you via email and assist you further with this.



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I would like to implement this as well.  Please advise.

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Hi All,

Here is how you can hide service items that are part of a bundle (i.e additional items) from the Service Catalog page in the requester portal. This can be achieved via Portal Customization feature which is available in plans - Estate and Forest.

Note: This will only hide the service category from the requester portal. However requesters will still be able to locate the service item using the search bar.

Step 1: Compile and move all the service items you wish to hide to a new service category (eg: Hidden Category)

Step 2 : Go to the Support portal >> Service Catalog >> Right click & Inspect Element.

Hover and identify the Category ID of the Service Category to be hidden.

Step 3: In the agent portal, navigate to Admin >> Helpdesk Rebranding >> Customize Portal >> Layout & Pages and paste the below code at the bottom in the Page Layout section.


var cur_loc = window.location.pathname,
req_loc = "/support/catalog/items";

if (cur_loc == req_loc) {
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
}); }


Ensure to replace the Data ID field with the Category ID identified earlier and click on Save & Publish.

The Service Category along with the service items will be hidden from view in the customer portal but they can still be accessed via the parent bundle item as additional items.

Please reach out to us at support@freshservice.com if you need any further information.



Team Freshservice

I did this on my site for the same reason and it hid the Category but not the item in the category.

Did I miss something?

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Hi Blaine,

The code snippet we shared above will hide the service category from the requester portal. However requesters will still be able to locate the service item using the search bar.

In order to prevent requesters from placing a request for these service items individually instead of from the parent bundle item, use the below code snippet to hide the ‘Place Request’ button inside each service item form. This will ensure that the service items can be requested as additional items only. 


<script type="text/javascript">
var currLocation = window.location.pathname,
reqLocation = ["/support/catalog/items/x", "/support/catalog/items/x"];
if (jQuery.inArray(currLocation, reqLocation) > -1) {
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
} });

Replace X with the service item ID which you can locate from the URL as shown below:



Navigate to Admin >> Helpdesk Rebranding >> Customize Portal >> Layout & Pages and insert the snippet at the bottom of the Page Layout section.




This is exactly what I am trying to do, and I have tried the script. Unfortunately, it also appears to hide other random items that are not in that Service Category. Do you have any ideas as to what is causing this to happen?


Thanks in advance.