Add Plain Text to a service catalogue item

I am designing a service request and need to add a couple of paragraphs of text.  I have tried to include one as the Field label for a paragraph text, but there is too much and it cuts off.  

Have I overlooked the option somewhere for this as I can't believe other people don't put prompts or little guidance notes on their forms.

My online chat helper seems to have gone awol for the last 45 minutes so thought I'd post here.

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Hi Lorraine,

Sanjeev from the Freshservice team here.

Do you wish to add something like this? I'm assuming you want to add it as a help text to make it easy for people to fill out the form. 

This would be helpful, but the service I'm looking to create will need to include a couple of statements which are quite long.

Okay. Let me reach out to you over email, let's see if we can figure this out! 

If we are able to do this, I'll come back and post on the forum as an update for everyone else :D 

Hi was this request achieved and if so how? i need to do this too.

Hi was this ability achieved? if so how? I need this too...

Unfortunately not.  They have a  feature request raised, so will have to wait and see. 

Thanks Lorraine, I also have requested this feature and more. They have responsed "That is one of the limitations of the current form system and we will be revamping it soon."

I am totally for this.

  • Add a fixed text field as described
  • Add spacers
  • Add block which are dependent on previous choices
  • Add layout options
  • Add variable prices depended on the choices you make within an item

It is not really basic. This really comes to play when you nest items to other service catalog items. From there you only see the choices and not the descriptions of the original item in the Service Catalog (think of an item such as an account request along with hardware, software, etc.)

Did this ever get looked at?

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I would be interested in this as well.  We have several needs where we need to describe what we need from the customer without making the field name the actual description.  We are trying to consolidate requests from various systems into the service catalog and are really struggling to place information where we need it.  

Any update on this? We would like the ability to add helper text in the form of a tooltip and/or placeholder text for fields, specifically in the incident ticket creation form. At a minimum, paragraph text (not textarea input) that can be shown/hidden with business rules. 

I see that this is available for some fields in service requests only. Why not incident tickets as well? 

+1 for this as an enhancement request.