Adding Manager attribute using Azure Orch - Create User

  • 20 January 2023
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I’ve got a workflow going to automate creating new user accounts when receiving onboarding tickets. The “Create User” acion is missing inputs for some attributes, but I was able to get city, state and country added in custom attributes.

    "city": "{{}}",
    "state": "{{R1.state}}",
    "country": "{{}}"

My final hurdle to completing the automation is passing the reporting manager selected in the onboarding form to Azure as the user’s manager. Simply using the “manager” attribute does not seem to work.

Is this possible?

5 replies

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Nevermind, looks like I completely overlooked the action available to Assign Manager to User.

Problem solved there, but now I’m running into a new problem.

To assign the manager, I need their email address but the output of the Reporting Manager selection in the onboarding form is just the their name. Is it possible to pull an email address from this?

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On our onboarding form we use the All User data source to pick the manager

Then in the workflow we use the place holder for that manager field, since it is using the All User data source the email for the selected user is avaliable.


Then we have a workflow that creates the user then assigns the manager


Hope that helps.

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Hi @PatrickMurphy, thanks for sharing. Are you using the onboarding to do this or just using a service request?

I found that I could do this by doing what you described in a service request, but when trying that for onboarding requests the dropdowns functioned differently in the workflow. The only option it would provide would be “Manager”, which would just output the user’s name.

I contacted a couple people from support and they confirmed that getting the email was not possible in this scenario. However, one person I talked to through my account rep said they would add this feature to their “easy wins” list to try and get it added soon.

Low and behold, as I was checking my flow to grab a screenshot to show how it doesn’t work here, I see that they have added the feature now 😁



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I am using just a service request for these. 

Glad they added it for you. The question above would be is that the reporting manager of the person who entered the request OR the to be reporting manager of the new employee that was selected in a drop down?

When going for manager approval on things, my users are often confronted with the wrong manager.

Bob needs access to XYZ.  

When Bob puts in the request it goes to Susan his manager. (this is desired)

Susan puts the request in and selects Bob as the requester. The request goes to Susan to approve (this is also desired)

However, when Susan puts the request in for Bob she does not submit on behalf of Bob as the requester, so it goes to Gerry, Susan’s manager to approve. (not desired) This scenario also means Bob never sees the request, public notes or replies so he doesn’t know when the request is approved, denied or deployed.  

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Unfortunately, I went to update my flow today only to fail the first test and find out that they have removed this option again. It was selecting the email address of the reporting manager selected in the onboarding form and was working for me when I tested on Friday, but I guess something must have gone wrong with it. Hopefully they add it back soon...