Advanced ITSM?

  • 10 October 2022
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I’m not one for new terms as I think that they’re often marketing led rather than need led. For example, I remember Hybrid ITSM and Social IT a decade+ ago.

However, when the 2022 required-content poll was topped by “ITSM advanced” it got me thinking, and I haven’t stopped, about what this actually meant (as it started as the next step to “ITSM basics.”

In many ways, this can be viewed as covering many of the ITSM trends that help to make IT service delivery and support capabilities better aligned with business needs. As well as highlighting the need to evolve ITSM.

What would you call how you think your organization’s ITSM capabilities need to evolve? People were talking about Modern ITSM for a while but that didn’t seem to work.

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