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  • 24 January 2023
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I received a complaint from a user today that when an agent interacts with an Incident either via email response or adding a public note, they have no idea who was responding.

Upon diving deeper I did some tests and while we as agents in the portal see AGENT NAME responded or AGENT NAME added a comment, those are not in the notifications sent to the end user.

I know we can customize the notifications for these things as the default is {{helpdesk_name}}Support Team.  An agent can also add their name to the response to make it clearer (business process vs templates)

Looking for ideas to best provide clarity of who has responded to the user from an end user prospective.

What do you do in your notifications?

  • Did you customize the template to add a placeholder for the agent?
  • Did you leave the default?
  • Do you request your agents add their name manually?  

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Hi Patrick,


You can do several ways:

Admin - Channels - Email - Email Settings and Mailboxes:

You can set to use Agent names in email responses:


In the notifications, you can use “ {{}} ” as a placeholder


In Admin - Agents, you can set a signature in the agents, so their responses append a signature name:


This signature is appended right at the end of what you set up in your template.


Hope this helps.


P.S.: Answering your inquiries:

  • Did you customize the template to add a placeholder for the agent? Ans) Yes, you may, but we particular don’t in all notifications; only on the closure one, for the Requester to easily remember who the agent was when answering the Survey.
  • Did you leave the default? Ans) Yes, but we also set the name to show in the email responses as in the initial screenshot.
  • Do you request your agents add their name manually? Ans) No, and there is no need to, as you may set the signature, as shown, and the email responses will append it at the end, like this:

(That is our {{helpdesk_name}} and then the automatically inserted signature).