Agent Reply Template: broken cursor position

  • 20 March 2017
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The latest Multilingual notification update appears to have created a bug that has broken the "cursor position" feature on the Agent reply template.

No matter where the cursor is placed when saving, it defaults back to the beginning. This has caused our agents to mistakenly send unprofessional-looking emails that are not in the format we have approved/ our end users are accustomed to.

I have submitted a chat and ticket for this a week ago and have been repeatedly asked for time but with no answers or action.

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3 replies

Hi Andrew,

Freshservice team acknowledges this as a bug. Support is working along with development for a possible fix. Will keep you posted on the progress. I apologise for the inconvenience caused.



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Any updates on this issue? I have not received a developer response on my ticket in 17 days. For a company that provide a support product, your own internal support procedures are frankly unacceptable.

Appreciate the patience.

I can confirm that this bug has been fixed 2 weeks back.Let us know if you still need any help with the same.

Maljeev Rafi

Freshservice Support Manager.