Agent Signatures, placeholders and Department Name

  • 18 October 2022
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We would like to be able to use dynamic placeholders to create signatures for Agents.  Not all of the fields we want to use, like the Department Name of the Agent, is not available as a placeholder.

Additionally, if I am not the assigned Agent to a ticket, and I want to Reply/Forward a ticket, the best I can do is add a “signature” that shows the assigned Agent’s details (like name, email, etc.), but I would prefer to use the Current User’s details.

I’ve read all the documentation about the Global and Dynamic Placeholders, but this information is not available.  Are there any undocumented placeholders that will accomplish this for me?

I can see in the page’s DOM that there is a “current_user” object, which exposes information like:

  • current_user.agent.user.job_title
  • current_user.agent.user.department_names.[0]

But using Handlebars syntax will not give me access to this data.  Has anyone else been able to accomplish something similar to this?

0 replies

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