AI and IT self-service?

  • 4 May 2022
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Have you successful employed machine learning, natural language understanding, and/or chatbots to improve the adoption of your IT self-service capabilities?

If so, please share what worked with others as a response to this post (plus, what didn’t as this is often just as useful to know).

Thanks :)

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We are slow to implement this as self-service is not the focus at the moment. But because we don’t want to to fall too far behind :) we have activated a few chatbots to initiate the communication when someone uses a chat channel to raise an issue. The bot is used to gather some information from the user that will give the Agent a head start in identifying the user as well as get an idea of what issue they are facing.

We have utilized freshworks Freddy AI in the use of solution article suggestions. This machine learning capability has served us well directing Agents and users alike to a knowledge base article that will help them get started in solving their issue and offering ways to contact us for further assistance.

One thing we have noticed is that people will often develop a preference regarding self-service. Some want to do it all themselves, while others would rather be hands-off and let us take care of their issue. With that, we are working to open all avenues of approach so that all users feel comfortable and confident that the can get the help they require.