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  • 8 February 2019
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I have followed instructions for reply threading referenced here:

No matter what I do I cant get new emails to thread to existing ticket.


I create a ticket in freshservice that gets assigned to an Agent that is actually another internal system that creates its own ticket for the issue freshservice creates. (long story!)

The second system doesn't actually reply but actually creates a new "notification" email back to the freshservice system (that would seem to be coming from the assigned agent). So in order to thread it to the correct ticket to add a note I have put the freshservice ticket ID in the subject line of outbound notices from the other system. In fact I have made the subject line match exactly. However, none of the recommendations in the above thread work. I have added ticket ID to the subject line as [#{{}}], (#{{}}), and just #{{}}. None of it will thread correctly.

Because this in essence is a new email to freshservice I can only rely on Subject check since there is no message-id continuation and the body <span> tag appears to get lost.


1. Is it not possible to send a new independent email to our freshservice ticketing email address with a proper tag that would force it to match up to an existing ticket?

2. If so what is the correct syntax?

3. What is the exact coding for the body <span> tag so I can experiment with that option?



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I think you may need to add the sending systems outbound email address as an agent.

It'll then get 2 pieces of information to work with.

I tried this recently with a 'daily agent' account and it worked for me.

Though I think we'd need a 'free' agent account to do it full time as I'm not paying to fix the issue.

Never thought about that. Right now its coming in from a non agent so even though I am assigning to a freshservice agent account that belongs to the system it doesn't see it coming from that account I guess. Makes sense, let me try it. I agree with the agent cost!

You nailed it Graeme! Thanks for the feedback. My other system had the original system response email configured for outbound notifications. As soon as I changed it everything started threading correctly. Appreciate the help!!!

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We could see that in your issue, the reply from the 3rd party has created a new ticket rather than appending into the same ticket. As per Graeme's suggestion,we would append an email as a reply into an existing ticket if the email matches to the below conditions:

A1. Ticket ID

A2. Message-ID

and if the sender's email address is one of the following:

B1. Requester's email address

B2. ALL Agent's email address

B3. Email address(es) in the CC

B4. Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

For the email to be appended to the ticket as a reply the conditions are:

(A1 OR A2) AND (B1 OR B2 OR B3 OR B4)

Thank you, Graeme, for the suggestion of adding the sender email as an Occasional agent.