Anyone else having some major performance issues with Fresh Service over the last few months?

  • 22 March 2019
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Page load times for our company have gotten increasingly worse over time. Sometimes it can take 40+ seconds for a ticket to fully load and to become responsive to even the most basic actions.

We have been stuck waiting for a fix for quite some time and we are wondering if anyone else is noticing the same thing?

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2 replies

I have not had any issues with our environment. 

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We traced the performance for the last couple of weeks and everything looks normal and we didn't find any latency loading the app also, we didn't receive such complaint from other users. This may be due to network issue or Firewall blocking connection to Freshervice.     

I will convert this topic to a Ticket to make sure one of the Support Reps reach out to you to have this analyzed and ensure you are being helped over this.