API Data Exports with Custom Fields and All Available Data

  • 30 March 2020
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The API Data Export feature right now has a couple of major flaws:



1) Tasks API Export is published but it does not run even after it has been configured.



2) All API Data Exports do not allow for the addition of custom fields in templates



Can you add into your roadmap the capacity to add service item custom fields into API Data Exports?


In addition, can you allow paragraph type fields in API Data Exports as well as in Fresh Service Analytics module?

2 replies

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Hi Luis,

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we do support custom paragraph fields in both Analytics Reports and Data exports.

We’ll raise a feature request on your behalf with our product team to include service item custom fields in API Data Exports.

Regarding the Task API Data Export, let me create a ticket for you so that we can identify the issue in your instance as it should ideally run on the given date and time.



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If you still need to export all your data from Freshservice, you got a couple of options:


  1. Freshservice includes pre-built option of all help desk data export. Go to Admin > Account (under Account Settings) > click on the Export button. You get all your data in XML format.

  2. You can schedule an Export on Freshservice’s Analytics. Choose the needed module like Tickets, Tasks, Changes or Timesheets. Select whether you want the export as an email or as an API link. Later you can export reports to PoweBI.

  3. Export help desk data from Freshervice to a new platform with a third-party app. There you can request the needed custom fields like long text field.

For more details on Freshservice export with an automated tool, read on here.